Coworking space events reveal great opportunities for building a community. It’s a well-known fact that members come for space but stay for people. So, being a far-sighted coworking brand operator you are probably concerned about a positive brand image, its emotional component, creation of an atmosphere of collaboration and support, as this is the only efficient way to grow your business.

Sometimes it’s really challenging to engage community members in networking events carried out at the coworking space. Some people are too shy by nature, some are busy or maybe not interested in the things you offer.

3 Types of Coworking Events

For your convenience, we can break events at coworking spaces by type. Looking at those types it will be easier for you to pick out the ones that match you the most at a given moment.

  • Coworking space community events for current members. These events are carried out to retain residents and boost their experience. Examples: happy hours, lunch-and-learns, day trips, purposeful networking & breaks, family events, member wall, invited speaker, book club, bike to work.
  • Coworking space events for prospective new members. These events are carried out with lead generation in mind, so they are aimed at attracting new people. Examples: shadowing, free pass days, meetups, conferences, concerts, game nights, tech talks.
  • Coworking community mission events. These events are carried out to let members perform their social mission and change something for the better. Examples: networking with other spaces, gift exchange, sharing ideas for workplace improvement, blood drive & charity events,

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