Introducing VIRTUAL COWORKS, Indore’s first private incubator, and coworking space.

Introducing VIRTUAL COWORKS, Indore’s first private incubator, and coworking space.

Apart from their ideas, today’s entrepreneurs want an interactive environment in which to explore numerous other prospects for growth. VIRTUAL COWORKS is Indore’s first private incubator and coworking space, assisting entrepreneurs in realizing their visions. When great brains get together with brilliant ideas, more new ideas develop, eventually leading to a more progressive atmosphere for budding entrepreneurs.

Q. Do you believe that entrepreneurial communities can assist in the formation of new businesses?

Ans. Startups benefit greatly from entrepreneurial communities. They help to increase the reach of all startups on social media platforms, improve SEO, and, most importantly, create a foundation for all startups. These groups play a critical role in the development of new businesses.

Q. What, in your opinion, is the most rewarding component of becoming an entrepreneur?

Ans. The nicest part of being an entrepreneur is that it allows us to put our ideas into action and turn them into a business. Furthermore, if one is interested in getting an MBA, it prepares one for practical life.

Q. Given that you have a master’s degree from the University of Manchester, what is the difference between the startup culture in India and abroad?

Ans. Because of its diversity, India’s startups are more well-organized and structured than those in the United Kingdom. People in India have excellent ideas and potential. Artificial intelligence is the major emphasis area of a start-up in the United Kingdom, however, in India, it is the most important focus area. They’re all service-based businesses.

Q. Do you believe it is vital to have original and innovative ideas to start your business, or can you get started with any common idea?

 Ans. An innovative concept has a lot of potentials. But, in my opinion, how well a concept is executed matters. It doesn’t matter how excellent your idea is, how profitable it is, or how useful it is if it isn’t executed correctly. It has the potential to be a huge flop. Then there are the Startups whose concepts are so familiar that they are yet extremely successful. Consider the website

Q. What are your future goals for VIRTUAL COWORKS?

Ans. A We are currently planning to create virtual coworking spaces in Bhopal, Raipur, and Nagpur, as there is a huge demand for these services in tier 2 cities.

Q. What is the significance of these three cities?

Ans. We intend to establish ourselves in three states. We’re pursuing angel investors for this, and we’re looking for 2 CR funding.

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