Location 5

4th Floor, Mangal City Mall, AB Road, Scheme No. 54 PU4, Indore,
MP, 452010

Overview of  Virtaul Coworks Workspace 

Due to expensive office rents and overheads in the Vijay Nagar Workspace has introduced a trend of workspaces which are not only affordable but also provides world-class amenities. Virtual Coworks Workspace has opened these workspaces in many locations but the most reputed office is located in Vijay Nagar. 

4th Floor, Mangal City Mall, AB Road, Scheme No. 54 PU4, Indore, MP, 452010


Private Office (8 Seater)
Private Office (6 Seater)
Private Office (4 Seater)
Private Office (3 Seater)
Conference Room
₹1500/Two Hours
Fixed Seat
₹4900/Per Seat
Flexible Seat
₹4900/Per Seat
Private Cabin
Location 1
Location 2

What’s included:

High-Speed Internet

Power Backup

Housekeeping Service

Fully Air Conditioned

Free Conference Rooms

Parking Facility

Phone Facility

Reception Facility


Parking availability is an important consideration when choosing a workspace. At the Mangal City place of Virtual CoWorks, parking facilities may be available for members and site visitors. Inquiring about the parking alternatives and on-site parking or nearby parking lots will help you plan your travel and ensure convenient access to the workspace.

Safety and security are paramount in a workspace environment. Virtual CoWorks is aware of this and probably has implemented security features in the Managal City vicinity. These measures may additionally include admission to manipulating structures, surveillance cameras, and the protection of employees. Inquiring approximately the security answers in location will provide you with peace of mind and help you assess the protection of your assets and personal well-being.

Virtual Co-works aims to cater to the numerous needs of its contributors, and consequently, in the Managal City area, you could have the option to request extra guide services. These services can range and may encompass administrative help, an IT guide, or specialised services tailor-made to your specific requirements. Inquiring approximately the availability of extra guide services will help you determine if Virtual Co-works can offer the essential assets to guide your business operations.

As a member of the Mangal City workspace, you may have the opportunity to bring guests or clients to the facility. This is especially beneficial for meetings, presentations, or collaborative classes. Inquiring about the visitor policy in the Managal City area will help you recognize any restrictions, reserving procedures, or additional costs related to web hosting visitors. This information will allow you to plot and coordinate professional interactions efficiently.

If you’re seeking to host occasions or workshops, the Mangal City workspace may additionally offer appropriate centres. Virtual Co-works recognizes the importance of fostering a vibrant community and providing an area for professional gatherings. Inquiring approximately the supply of event spaces, amenities, and any precise pointers for website hosting activities or workshops will help you decide if the Mangal City vicinity can accommodate your needs.

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