The Co-working Space (“Co-working Space,” “We,” “Our,” or “Us”) at Virtual Coworks is committed to protecting and maintaining your privacy.

Any person who accesses the Co-working space Platform or makes use of this Service of the Company in order to host, publish, share, exchange, transact, display, interact, consider, or submit information or opinions is referred to as a “User” or “You.” Other users of the Shared office space Platform or any other Service provided by the Company in conjunction with you are also included in this definition.

Virtual Coworks operates and provides a variety of services through our services, features, products, solutions, apps, websites, and other offerings (the “Co-working space”).

We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of all users of the Virtual coworks Platform (“Users” or “You”) personal information because we value their right to privacy. This policy covers the information we collect, how it is used and shared, and your options in relation to this information (the “Privacy Policy”). This privacy statement describes virtual coworks procedures for collecting, using, disclosing, and safeguarding data obtained via the virtual coworks Platform, as well as your data collection and usage options. This privacy statement applies to all Users of our platform for coworking spaces. Read the following carefully, together with the Company’s Terms & Conditions, before using the Shared Office Space Platform of the Company. By using the Co-working Space Platform of the Company, you agree to the following privacy policies.

Before accessing or using our Virtual Coworks Platform, please make sure you have read and understand how we collect, store, use, and disclose your personal information as indicated in the section of this Privacy Policy that pertains to you.

The Terms and Conditions are referred to as the “Agreement,” along with the Privacy Policy. The Agreement governs your use of the Co-working space Platform and is a legally binding contract between You and the Company.


Subject to your compliance with the terms of this Agreement, the Company thus provides you a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use the shared office space and the Service.


The above-mentioned License is conditional on your compliance with this Section. When using the Virtual Coworks Platform, you may not (or may not allow anyone acting on your behalf to) do the following:

  1.  build a unique product or service based on the shared office space or resell or distribute any piece of the coworking space platform;
  2.  duplicate the text;
  3. generate bulk feeds of the Content or download it in bulk (or permit someone else to do so);
  4.  make use of the Virtual Coworks  to develop or improve any other mapping-related dataset (such as a mapping or navigation dataset, business listings database, mailing list, social media, or telemarketing list) for use in a service that functions as a stand-in for, or very closely related to, the Co-working space;
  5. Unless expressly banned by current legislation, reverse engineering or attempting to extract the source code from the Virtual office Platform or any linked software is not permitted.
  6.  delete, conceal, or change any terms of service, links to those terms, or notices of those terms, as well as any notices of copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights; or
  1. act improperly, illegally, or in violation of the rights of others (including their privacy, publicity, and intellectual property rights).


You acknowledge that when using the Shared office space Platform, you are solely in charge of your behaviour and material and are liable for any consequences. You understand that you may only use the Virtual Coworks in compliance with the Agreement, any applicable policies or guidelines provided by the Company, and all applicable laws. You agree that when using the Shared office space or the material, you will not do the following, by way of illustration only and not as a limitation:

(a) slander, abuse, stalk, harass, or otherwise infringe against the legal rights (such as the privacy and publicity rights) of others;

(b) upload, publish, email, transmit, or otherwise make any improper, slanderous, offensive, or illegal content available;

(c) Unless you are the owner of the rights, have the owner’s permission to use the content, or have another valid reason to use the content, you may not upload, post, transmit, or otherwise make available any content that violates any patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, or other proprietary right of any party;

(d) messages promoting pyramid schemes, chain letters, or annoying commercial messages or ads to be posted, sent by email, transmitted, or otherwise made public;

(e) any other content, message, or communication that is against the law, the conditions, or any applicable Virtual coworks  Platform policies or guidelines; upload, post, email, transmit, or otherwise make public;

(f) Download any file that has been posted by someone else that you know, or reasonably should know, cannot be disseminated legally in this way;

(g) fake or remove any author attributions or proprietary designations or labels indicating the origin or source of any work, software, or other material; impersonate another person or entity;

(h)  prevent any other user from utilising the Virtual coworks Platform or Company services and enjoying them;

(i) Interfere with, disrupt, or violate any rules, procedures, policies, or regulations of networks linked to Company Virtual coworks Platform; or servers or networks connected to Company Virtual coworks Platform;

(j) use any robot, crawler, site search/retrieval tool, or other apparatus to access or index any of the Company Virtual coworks Platform or Content, or to gather user data without their consent;

(k) submit content with misleading statements about its sponsorship or endorsement by the company;

(l) creating user accounts using automated methods, or by using fictitious or fraudulent information;

(m) support criminal activity or disseminate information about it;

(n) encourage physical violence or injury to any person or group; or

(o) convey any malware, Trojan horses, worms, flaws, or other potentially harmful software.


You can access and view a variety of content via the Company Virtual coworks Platform, including but not limited to photographic imagery, map and terrain data, attendance management, visitor management system, augmented reality cards, management system, live location sharing, user live location solutions, business listings, reviews, and other pertinent data supplied by the Company, its licensors, and its users (the “Content”). Additionally, you have the option to access additional third-party content that the Company has included in the Virtual coworks Platform. You recognise and accept the following:

(a) Only for planning purposes are map data, traffic, directions, and related Content provided. Road conditions or directions may differ from the findings of the map due to weather, mobile/date network, mobile device not being updated and/or refreshed, construction projects, closures, or other events. When using this Content, you should use common sense.

(b) You do not acquire any ownership rights in the Content by using the Virtual coworks Platform; instead, the Company and/or its licensors as well as its users do. Unless otherwise expressly approved by Company or the owner of that Content, in a separate agreement, you may not use, access, or permit anyone to use or access the Content in any manner that is prohibited by the Terms.


6. Information you provide

This may include:

–User profile: When you create or update your account, we collect information. Your name, email address, phone number, login credentials, address, financial information (including data used to verify payments), government identification or other identity cards, date of birth, photo, and/or signature may be included. The preferences and options you activate for your account may also fall under this category.

6. Information created when you use our services

This may include:

– Location Information

We may get your precise or approximate live location information using data from GPS, IP address, WiFi, Geofencing, Bluetooth, and other sources, depending on the services you use, your app settings, and your device permissions.

–Transaction Information

The type of services you requested or provided, your personal information, the date and time the service was provided, history, the amount charged (if any), the number of visits, the live location inside and outside the educational premises, etc. are all transaction details that we collect in connection with your use of our Virtual coworks  Platform.

–Usage Information

Your interactions with our Services are tracked by us. This includes details about your usage of third-party websites or services prior to connecting with our services, such as the type of browser you used, the dates and times of your accesses, record histories, the features or pages you visited on apps, app crashes, and other system activities. In some instances, we gather this data using technologies like cookies, cache or any memory, pixel tags, and other similar tools that generate and preserve unique identifiers.

–Device Information

We may gather data on the hardware models, device IP addresses, operating systems and versions, software, file names and versions, preferred languages, unique device identifiers, advertising identifiers, serial numbers, device motion data, and mobile network data from the devices you use to access our Services. The company may combine the data gathered from these sources with other data it already has.


We collect the following types of information about you:

Registration and Profile Information. Your username, first, middle, and last name, biometric data, medical history, educational information, weight, gender, blood group, finger prints, languages, facial recognition, institution information, email address, mobile phone number, and a photo, if you chose to have a photo associated with your account, may all be collected when you create an account. We ask for the name, email address, and cell phone number of any family members you like to add to your account. When you sign up, we might also gather your billing information.

Data collected through use of the Virtual coworks Platform. After you create your account, we can request further profile and demographic data.

Geolocation. We get location data from your mobile device, tablet, and connected devices using the IP address, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS coordinates (such as latitude and longitude). To give you access to the Virtual coworks Platform’s features and capabilities, we gather and maintain location data. For marketing, research, analytical, and other reasons, we might also divulge location data to third parties. Please change the settings on your device to restrict the app’s access to your location data if you wish to opt-out of the gathering of your location data. It is your responsibility to sign in and sign out properly from the live location sharing capabilities of the Virtual coworks Platform that are accessible through your mobile device, tablet, and related devices, or offered to you for use of the entire Virtual coworks Platform. If you are not logged in, you can be limited in how much you can use the Virtual coworks Platform, and if you are not signed out, you might still be able to share your live position using your mobile phone, tablet, and other connected devices.

Social Media. We may obtain information from social networks such as your profile information, profile picture, gender, user name, user ID associated with your social media account, age range, language, country, friends list, and any other information when you interact with our site through various social media, such as when you Like us on Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others or post a comment to our Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others page. Your social network privacy settings will affect the information we receive. Before linking or connecting to third-party websites or the Virtual coworks Platform, you should always examine, and if required, modify, your privacy settings on such websites and the Virtual coworks Platform.

Information we collect automatically through the use of technology. We and our business partners may use a variety of live tracking technologies, such as cookies, web beacons, log files, embedded scripts, location-identifying technologies, or other tracking/recording tools (collectively, “tracking technologies”), to automatically collect certain information about your computer or device when you visit our website, use our mobile app, read our emails, or otherwise interact with us. We may combine this information with other personal information. These real-time tracking tools let us gather usage and device data like:

  • Information on how you use the Virtual cowork Platform, such as your entry and leave pages, how often you use it, if you open emails and click the links inside of them, whether you use numerous devices to access the Virtual coworks  Platform, and other actions you perform on it.
  • Information regarding how you access and interact with the Virtual coworks Platform, including the services you use, the links and advertisements you view and click on, information about purchases you make, where you are physically when using the Virtual coworks Platform, and other similar actions.
  • Your IP address, browser type, Internet Virtual coworks Platform provider, platform type, device type/model/manufacturer, operating system, phone number, mobile carrier, date and time stamp, a special ID and/or QR Code, and/or an OTP that enables us to specifically identify your browser, mobile device, or your account (for example, a UDID, IDFA, Company AdID, Windows Advertising ID, or other persistent identifier) are all examples of information about the computer, tablet We may also have access to your camera roll or photo library with your consent.

To measure traffic and usage trends for the Virtual coworks Platform and to learn more about the demographics of our users, we may gather analytics data or employ third-party analytics tools.

We use this data to I store information in order to save you from having to enter it again when you use the Virtual coworks Platform in the future; (ii) deliver customised, personalised content and information, including targeted content and advertising; and (iii) track your whereabouts and movements. (iv) your identity and contact information across several devices; (v) deliver our Virtual coworks Platform and our marketing initiatives, and track their efficacy; (vi) observe aggregate data like the overall quantity of users, visitors, traffic, and demographic trends; (vii) identify or resolve technical issues related to certain IP addresses or User IDs that have been reported by our Users or engineers; and (viii) fraud or other undesirable behaviours should be detected or prevented; (xi) automatically update your system and connected gadgets with our mobile application; and (x) Alternatively, develop our Virtual coworks Platform and plan for it.

Most browsers will let you: if you’d like to refuse to receive cookies from websites. (i) alter your browser’s settings so that it alerts you when you receive a cookie and gives you the option of accepting it or rejecting it; (ii) or disable current cookies (iii) Make sure that your browser always rejects cookies. Please be aware that doing so can make it more difficult for you to use the Virtual coworksPlatform because some of its features might not function properly. You might not be able to erase or disable all cookies depending on your mobile device and operating system. These cookie-blocking browser options might have no impact on non-cookie technology. Additionally, you can configure your email settings to stop images from being downloaded automatically if they contain components that would let us know if you’ve opened and used our email. Even while we try our best to respect our Users’ privacy settings, we are currently unable to respond to ‘Do Not Track’ signals from your browser. Information obtained through tracking technology may also be used by us and our third-party partners for marketing reasons.


Personal Information: In certain situations, we may disclose your personal information to parties other than the Company and its owned subsidiaries and affiliates, as described below:

  • We reserve the right to disclose your personal information to third parties for their marketing and business needs, including without limitation, to support and enhance third-party advertising. This information may include your location data, driving sensor data, unique identifiers, and other data. This information may be used by these third-party partners in accordance with their own privacy rules.

Any information or materials  regarding COWORKING SPACE or otherwise you voluntarly   post to VIRTUAL COWORKS social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and other websites will by default be made publicly available. We may publish your reviews and comments on VIRTUAL COWORKS INDORE website or mobile app, and we may link to your reviews on other websites

.Other instances in which we may share your information: As follows are some other ways we might use your information for business purposes:8’u

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